Teach Your Child To Read

teach to readIt is never to young to get started on teaching your young child to read. Helping and teaching someone young how to learn how to read very early on in life is a good way to help get them ready for kindergarten and even preschool. You should begin by making sure that your child is used to handling books and to seeing written words. Make the books as fun and enticing looking as possible with lots of pictures and interactive if possible. You can also help your child to start recognizing letters and specific words, such as their name, and to begin linking syllables and letters with particular sounds. Phonics sounds can begin to be learned at a very young age as well.

The most efficient way to help your child to learn how to read is to spend some time reading stories together. While you read, you should hold the book so that your child can look at the page, and run your fingers along under the words so that they can follow what you are reading. As you read, your child will begin to recognize some of the written letters and words, and they will also become familiar with the handling of a book. They will see that you read from left to right and turn the pages as you get to the end of each page.

The best books for a child who is learning to read are ones that have plenty of interesting pictures, and stories that rhyme. This will help them to recognize words on the page and to become more confident about their ability to read. As your child grows and becomes ready to start reading for themselves, you should allow them to start taking over the reading. You can begin by sounding out letters and words together. It is often helpful to discuss the words that you are reading. Writing down and reading some familiar words, such as the names of family members, is often a good way to start recognizing written words.

Teaching a young one how to read is not just about learning the skill of reading itself. You also need to encourage your child to want to read new books and to see reading as something fun and enjoyable. This is a good reason for you to spend time reading together. Reading doesn’t have to be something that your child has to do on their own. It can be a good way of spending time together. You can also make reading more enjoyable by making sure that your child always has something interesting to read. Becoming a member of a close by library is an excellent way of providing your child with plenty of reading material and they will have a great time there.