Preschool Reading Articles And Tools

Full Curriculum Online Preschool – For less than $10 per month you can help your child develop a love of learning at an early age with the world;s first full curriculum preschool available online. We even have sample content for your child to try.

Ready, Set, Read!! How to Read to a Young Child Tips for reading to infants, toddlers and preschoolers

Storybooks to Read to Your Young Child Child Development Storybooks That Teach Your Child to Read Easily and Effectively!!

Phonics? Phonemics? Confused? Find  what the difference is and how you can use phonemics to give your toddler a headstart on reading.

What is Phonics? Refresh yourself on the basic rules of phonics.

How I Taught My Son To Read Using Manicure Scissors Great way to teach your child to read one word at a time

How To Help Your Children Read Better Various Book suggestions to improve your child’s reading comprehension

How Read to Your Child – Without Falling Asleep!! Make reading a fun experience for the both of you

Reading Begins In Your Child’s Ears Things to say to your baby to get them started on the fast track to learning sounds and words

Suggestions on How To Teach Your Child To Read Several helpful strategies to use when teaching your children to read

Planting the Seeds For Early Reading by Catherine Shefshy

Can An Infant Learn To Read? by Jerrie Hewlett

Home Environment of Early Readers Research has shown that there are four aspects to the home environment of nearly every early reader.

Teach A Child To Read Using Children’s Books by Mark B. Thogmartin, Ph.D.

Favorite Reading Links

Whole Language Lives On – a very informative article about what’s going on in reading classrooms today.

For Reading Tips visit the reading center.

Visit Succeed to Read to learn how children use a combination of three methods of instruction: auditory training, phonics, and whole language when learning to read.

Online Schools – When children get older they can possibly learn through online schools.

Teaching your child to read? Try this easy to use program developed by a pediatrician specially for younger children. Lots of free lessons and online movie at

If you have a chance check out the colorful new Children’s Picture eBooks from E&E Publishing. After you download these books, you can either read them online or print out a copy and make your own book to read with your child.