Smart Babies

Click on any article below to read about how you can develop your baby’s intelligence at an early age with play, communication, stimulation and plenty of love.

Try This To Have A Brilliant Baby by Dr. Leo L. Leonidas (in three parts)

Four Ways to Have a Smart Baby An easy every day common sense approach to teaching your baby.

****Recommended Tools to Develop Smart Babies****

Full Curriculum Online Preschool – For less than $10 per month you can help your child develop a love of learning at an early age with the world;s first full curriculum preschool available online. We even have sample content for your child to try.

How To Develop Your Childs Genius – An Information Packed Package Including Ebooks And Recordings About Activities Parents Can Do With Their Child To Increase Their Intelligence.

Why teach your babies so young? Ten reasons why it is never too early to start.

From Smart Baby to Gifted Preschooler Ways to determine if your smart baby is actually a gifted and talented child.

Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter Things you can do as a parent to help your infant’s learning development.

Early Childhood Education Tips 4 things you can do to help your babies learn faster

How To Read To Your Child Without Falling Asleep Different things you can try make reading to your baby more fun

Babies Need Books Why it is never too early to teach your baby to read

Can An Infant Learn To Read? by Jerrie Hewlett

Home Preschool: What, Why, How How every day is a homepreschool day with a toddler in the house

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