Techniques To Teach Your Child To Read

prek reading tipsOne of the major milestones in a child’s life is to understand how to read and write. It can be a daunting task and overwhelming for a child to master this skill in life. Below are some techniques to teach your child to read.

Start with letter sounds

Letter sound should be the first lesson you should cover as you teach your sound to read. To make the letter sounds fun; you can make them through songs that will be easier for the child to grasp. There are also a variety of educational toys that you can use to help the child learn different letter sounds.

Start out small

It is advisable to start your child with common sounds that will be easy for her to understand. For example, words such as it, all, but, and and others that appear more frequently are great to learn at the beginning. Such words are also short making it easier for the child to sound out them. Understanding these words makes it easier for the child to learn quickly and deal with larger words more easily.

Let the child learn common sounds

There are a variety of common sounds that can make the process of learning easier for the child. Some of the common sounds include ay, st, sh, ch, ing among others. Such sounds often occur paired with common words thus learning them makes it easier for the child to read.

Help the child learn these similar sounds through rhyme

Children learn quickly if there is fun in the process. Rhyming words is one way of ensuring there is fun in the learning process. This can be fun for the kids and help them to understand the different spelling for similar sounds.

Spell words by sounding them out

Sounding words out is one exercise that you and your child can try. For example, for the word such as brown you can sound out the word by letter or through combined letter sounds in order to spell it out. Begin with words that contain mostly of common sounds or words, for example, bear, stay, chair and other similar words.

Make the learning to read fun by making up games

Engaging games act as one way of making the child have fun as she learns to read. Flash cards have been used for a long time, but can be boring. You can make cards and play your own version of go fish or make cards that have combined letters and make the child to put them together to create words.