Ideas For Preschoolers and Teachers

preschool activities for kidsPreschool graduation ideas include many activities that are difficult, but exciting to plan and execute. Teachers and parents need a well-prepared plan if they want to make the graduation a success.
Preschool graduation is a very important stepping stone – in the life of the preschoolers and their parents alike. It is the time when they say goodbye to their so-called baby years and start on with 12 years of regular school. A preschool graduation is an important occasion to mark this, and should be made a memorable event for the preschoolers.

Ideas for Teachers

Teachers should start planning well in advance for a preschool graduation. Right from the beginning of the term, they should be involved in taking photographs of the kids in action – during field trips, when they are playing, coloring, or working on some project.

To start with, the class teachers should send out invitations to the parents for the graduation ceremony. They should also talk to a few of the parents that are willing to help out for this event. The classrooms can be brightened up with decorations like banners, streamers, posters, and craft items that the preschoolers have created during the year that they spent at the preschool.

Graduation hats and gowns are very important during the main ceremony. The teachers or parents can take the initiative to order these beforehand. They could have the child’s name printed on each of them, with the date and year of their graduation. They can probably do this at the back of the gown or on the rim of the hat. Another thing the teachers could do, if they have enough time to prepare, is to write goodbye cards for the little ones and get them laminated, so that the cards could serve as a remembrance of their preschool days and they fondly remember their teachers too.

It is every parent’s dream to see their son or daughter graduate. Well, preschool graduations, even though small, still have a huge impact on the parents as well as the children. It is a transition phase for the children, where they move on from being toddlers to school-going kids.

The children should be made to line up like in college graduations, in the order of their names. When their names are called out, they should go up on stage and collect their certificates from the head of the preschool. While doing this, a photographer should take photographs of the children shaking hands with the head of the preschool while getting their certificates. This would give the toddlers a sense of importance and achievement.