Questions To Ask A Child Care Provider

There are numerous questions that will be going through your mind, as a parent, when you are locating the perfect child care facility for your child. The obvious questions to ask concern the rate of the daycare and the number of staff that is available per child. However, there are other questions that parents should ask in order to fully assess whether the place is the perfect child care center for their child.

First, what is the child care professionals policy on sick days? Many places will not allow your child to be there when they are sick, which is a given since there are other kids that could become infected. However, many professionals are now offering sick daycare, so that parents can still go on with their day.

Secondly, what is the staff turn over rate? This may not seem significant, but a high turnover rate could signify a problem. For example, it could mean that employees are not compensated well enough or those in charge are hard to get along with.

Third of all, what safety or security policies does the center have in place? With the news always reporting on a missing child, this is crucial to know. Good child cares always have the strictest of security policies in place, meaning that people cannot walk in just at any time, unless they are a parent, and even then they require that people sign in.

What is the professionals philosophy on taking care of children? Are they an encouraging center that welcomes free thought and action? Or do they have strict rules that children must follow? Either one is an option that the parent will have to decide what is best for them in the matter.

Overall, you should ask the child care professional any question that comes to your mind. There are no silly questions to ask when it comes to your child. Therefore, if you begin to feel as if the professional is finding you rude or obnoxious, then you need to look elsewhere. A good professional is going to want to answer your questions and make you feel welcomed.