Parenting E-Book

Sams Teach Yourself e-Parenting Today

by Karin and Evelyn Petersen

The first parenting book written to assist today’s parents with the particular challenges of raising children in an increasingly high-tech e-world. e-Parenting also contains an appendix on child development…what to expect from kids, birth to 18.

We’d like to tell you about why we wanted to write about e-Parenting. We are a mother and daughter team, ages 63 and 33. I grew up in the 1950’s, and even though I have used the PC for 16 years as a parenting columnist, early childhood educator, and author of six books, I still feel like a novice in terms of the workings of my PC, the Web, and the Internet.

Our daughter, Karin, grew up right along with the PC and the Internet. She uses these tools as an integral part of her daily life, yet she is close enough to my world to be my bridge and my teacher. When Macmillan USA approached me with a proposal to write about e-Parenting, I knew I could not do it without Karin’s e-World perspective, any more than she could write a parenting book without my perspective of 40 years experience in child development, family life, and education.

It seemed to us that writing this book together would not only be an adventure and a challenge, but would also give readers a truly unique perspective of e-Parenting, a blending of a mother’s and a daughter’s views on practical parenting in the e-World.

– Evelyn Petersen

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