Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

prek-childrenThere is a common assumption that if your child bypasses the ages of 3, he/she might just be ready for preschool not quite so. You see preschool is one of those crucial stages in your child ‘s education foundation as it can either make or break them if they are not properly prepared for it. Either way as parents we should look for the following signs in our kids that show they are ready for preschool.


We all know that the concentration spun of most if not all children is very low as they are easily distracted. But this is no reason to dismiss preschool just yet, As a parent you can gauge your kids attentiveness by giving them short tasks like coloring a picture or something more fun like assembling a Lego building block. This short fun excise might give you insights into your child concentration spun and thus help you make that crucial decision of whether or not to enroll him/her to Preschool.


Having had my own share of children and the tantrums they throw, i have come to realize the great toll it takes on us guardians to finally convince them to listen. In preschool your child will be required to cooperate with the administering stuff and other children.It is therefore good for you to be aware of your child’s capability to cooperate and socialize with others in a social settings. A positive sign is if your child shares his/her toys with others or also if he/she allow others to have their turn at the swing in the park.


As any loving parent would say we find it hard to leave our children at the hands of somebody else especially when they are at that tender age. But this is no point of worry as children develop independence naturally as they grow up, you can call it the animal instinct. One of the signs your child is independent is if he/she is potty trained and can go to the bathroom without help. Self feeding also shows that your child can pick out food of his / her own choice and eat well without anyone’s help.


Any School your hoping to enroll your kid to will have a set up routine for your kid to follow. If you aren’t yet practicing home routinizing for children in your home you can prepare for this by simply scheduling nap time and playtime to get things started. Though you might experience some difficulty at first, don’t worry children pick up things very fast. The ability of your child to adapt to a home routine and work with it means that he/she will advantaged at a school setting and will have a smooth home to school transition.