Gifted Child Characteristics

Have you ever asked yourself,  is my child gifted?

Children considered gifted and talented generally stand out from their peers. It’s pretty easy to locate a gifted child in a classroom based off of certain academic performance or even some extra-curricular activities. But as parents, you don’t really have to wait for the time your child enters school before you can identify them as gifted based off some early signals. At home you can also try to check if those amazing things your child displays actually make them one of those gifted children you’ve probably heard of in the news.

A gifted child has  an academic aptitude that tends to be very specific. They are often great with numbers, being able to grasp mathematical concepts and solve mathematical problems at an earlier age than others less talented . Most of them start by being avid readers and have a stellar gift for retaining information in their memory. Eventually, they also display some consistent interest for a particular subject and tend to focus on it more than the others.

Gifted children are very creative and produce things with their ideas – One of the interesting signs you can find in gifted children is that they are ingenuous. They devise unusual solutions for everyday problems which some adults like you might not even think about doing. They also have all these ideas which they usually bring to life because they have a natural zest for doing new things and enjoy discovering that something new can be done. Gifted kids are blessed with a wide range of imagination.

They often have the opportunity to become leaders due to their gifts and talents. Because of their forward thinking nature, they can naturally become leaders once they are around kids their own age. One reason for this is that even the peers they have get amazed with the things they could do. They often lead the pack, showing them a new and exciting way to play or solve problems.

It’s very easy for them to articulate their ideas in a simple way that even their peers would be able to understand. Many talented children will display a love for the arts.  Most that you have probably been aware of have been gifted in music, visual arts, and maybe even performing arts. This is actually an easy thing to spot and observe because kids who may not be that interested to play around with other kids might just have an innate tendency to appreciate and deal with the arts. They can be very serious with their craft and would show an interest and appreciation for other artists’ works as well.

While your child is growing up, aside from fostering a good environment for them and making sure you teach them well, you should also take note of the way they respond to you and their environment. Gifted children should be nurtured well so that they can grow to reach their fullest potential possible. The parents should also be their number one supporter since these kids draw much of their inner strength from the love and support of their own family and especially their parents.

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