Best iPhone and iPad Educational Apps

One of the most compelling reasons for some parents to spring for a smart phone or tablet (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android) is the experience of watching a young child interact with one for the first time. When my 2 year old twin daughters first got their hands on an iPad, it was amazing to see how quickly and intuitively they picked up the touch interface and started playing and learning. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, so for that reason, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite educational iPhone and iPad apps. Some are free, some run a few dollars, but either way, you’ll be amazed at how quickly (sometimes much more quickly than us parents) our bright little ones absorb and digest these amazing educational apps.

Starfall ABCs Toddlers go crazy for this letter-learning application with lots of silly songs and animations for each letter, such as a banjo-playing gorilla and interactive gumball machine for the letter G. An intuitive interface lets them learn on their own. Older kids can play matching and sorting games. Visit for a free preview.



toddler counting 123Toddler Counting What better way to teach your child to count than by making them think they’re playing a game.  As the instructor voice asks them how many hamburgers or soccer balls they see, it will count out loud and flash the increasing numbers as they move their fingers from one to the next.  Encouraging words will congratulate and cheer them on after each successful counting.  Not only will this app give you a much needed rest from your toddler’s attention, it will keep them busy as they count the objects over and over again.


Preschool Memory Match The classic game of concentration designed to be fun and educational.  Be amazed at the memory and matching abilities of your child who is barely learning to talk.  Each successful match presents a picture, written and spoken description, and an exciting sound effect. The best part is the digital party thrown after the completion of each round, complete with sounds and animations that will captivate and delight your preschooler.


Sound Touch As the name implies, your child learns the sounds made by hundreds of common animals, vehicles, instruments, and household items.  As they touch the pictures of objects, a vivid image flashes across the screen as they hear the name (optional) and then the sound it makes.  So easy even a baby can do it!  Also available as a free preview – Sound Touch Lite



ABC MAGIC 2 Help your child learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Each letter comes with several pictures that begin with that that letter, and tand that they can learn by touching, hearing, an repeating