How To Have a Brilliant Baby (Newborn)

by Dr. Leo L. Leonidas of


When your baby is alert and relax, place her laying on her back. Face her from about 12 inches. Bring your right hand in front of her eyes about 10 inches. Then wiggle your index finger up and down, followed by the middle finger, then the fourth finger, and then the little finger. Once she sees your fingers wiggling, move it slowly on the same horizontal plane from left to right about 8 inches side ways. While you are doing moving your right hand sideways, observe her eyes. She should be following your moving wiggly fingers. Do this for about two to three minute before she gets bored or tired.

Now hold your baby with both of your hands on her head and back. With your hands in a stationary position, you move your head from side to side always making an eye contact. Smile each time you cross the midline. Do this exercise for another two or three minutes. Again with both of your hand supporting her back and head, bring your face about 10 inches from her eyes. Wink one of your eyes or both. Repeat it several times. Observe if she will wink her eyes too. Then do the side ways motion of your head and smile each time you cross the midline.

In dim room, with your baby laying down on her back, place a square white card board about 10 by 10 inches. Get a pen light. Turn it on for several seconds and off for the same length of time, directing the pen light to the white board. You can vary the shape of the beam of light by taping a small triangular piece of card board a the end of the flash light. Repeat these exercises at four times a day.


With your baby in front of you from about 10 inches, call her name several times. Vary the pitch of your voice from high to low. Observe her facial responses. Does she respond more to your high pitch or the motherese voice?

Say the word “mama” several times with your lips about eight inches from her eyes. Observe her lips. Say other words or name of the sibling, grandparents, etc. Stand near her but out of her sight. Then call her name and speak to her for about 15 seconds. Time how long she will turn to you. If she won’t turn to you, talk to her in a high pitch voice or a low pitch one. Which voice did she turn to you?

Listen to classical music at three times a day. Buy Mozart for Babies. The volume should not be loud, it should be what is comfortable for you and your baby.


The human voice, particularly the mother’s,i s the most interesting sound for an infant to hear. By having a conversation with your baby, you will stimulate the development of the hearing center in the brain. The longer and more you talk with your baby the more neuron (brain cell) to neuron connections occur in the brain. It is these neuronal connections at the hearing center of the brain that sets the foundation for the utterance of the first word, then to dozens, thousands, and hence language.

When you are changing her diaper, describe what you are doing. Show the diaper to her and say, “This is a diaper” with a smile in your face. “Now I will put it on!” “See how easy it is.” After finishing the routine of diaper changing, say, “Good girl!!” When you are bathing her, tell her what you are doing in detail. The more you talk to her the greater the chance of having a smart baby.


Assure her that you are always around when she needs you. Talk to her as often as possible during her wide awake and alert moments. You should always be happy and joyous when talking or interacting with her.

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