Smart Preschoolers Articles and Learning Tools

Kitchen Art for Preschoolers – Creative and fun projects in the kitchen to help your preschool child learn.

Choosing a Child Care – Tips For Choosing a Child Care For Your Preschooler or Infant

Things You Can Teach Your Child On Your Own – A list of life lessons and and skills you don’t need someone else to teach your child.

Parents, Young Children and Music Practice – Ways to teach your child through the use of music.

Children Homeschooling – Tips and tricks to make homeshooling your preschooler a success.

Questions To Ask a Child Care Provider– What you should look for and be sure to ask about when selecting a child or day care center for your children.

Child Communication Skills – How to improve your child’s communication skills.

Why Build a Sandcastle? – A great lesson that you can teach you kid.

Nature Lessons For Children – How to teach your kid with the helping hand of mother nature.

Learning Should be Fun – Suggestions to make learning enjoyable for you and your kid.

No One Is Too Young For A Playgroup – The benefits of getting your child involved in a playgroup.

Twenty Childrens Toys You Don’t Have To Pay For by Carren W. Joye

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Robot Reader Reading Games And Phonics Games – Improve Kids Reading Skills With These Reading Games And Phonics Games For School Or Homeschool Education – Full Color Childrens Games – Printable Board Games, Card Games, Bingo Games, Domino Games Etc. Ideal For Teachers, Parents And Homeschoolers.


Culturally Relevant Books – by Elizabeth Montgomery

Board Games for Preschoolers – by Heidi Hoff

Fun Preschool Activities– Fun activities for you and your child to share

Adding A Pet To The Family – by Sheila Somerlock Ruth

Children’s Learning Experiences – by Pat Cramer

Teach Yourself Parenting Online – by Karin and Evelyn Petersen

Calming the Hurried Child – Activities that work! – by Kathi Borthwick

Teach Your Child Piano – by Pat Cramer

Preschool Homeschooling – by Beverly S. Krueger

Fun Cheap Activities For You And Your Kids by Kim Danger

Creative Parenting -by Kim Danger

Music Lessons For Preschoolers – by Sheila Somerlock Ruth

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The Good Enough Parent – by Richard Louv for Connect For Kids

Your Child’s Brain– An Interesting Newsweek Article About Children’s Development